Michelle Nunn Announces 5 Ideas To Get Washington Working For Georgia

NUNN: “From the huge influence of special interests to excessive spending, rampant political point scoring to ideological gridlock, Congress itself has become emblematic of our broken political system.”

ATHENS, GA - Michelle Nunn, former Points of Light CEO and candidate for U.S. Senate, unveiled five ideas to get Washington working for Georgia.  She announced the good government proposals among dozens of supporters at the University of Georgia (UGA). The measures – from putting a lifetime ban on Members of Congress from lobbying to forcing Members of Congress to put a price tag on every bill they introduce – will help rebuild Georgian's trust in Congress.
“From the huge influence of special interests to excessive spending, rampant political point scoring to ideological gridlock, Congress itself has become emblematic of our broken political system,” said Nunn. “I’m proposing five ideas today to start getting Washington to work for the people of Georgia. These are ideas that can get Congress focused on solving problems and making a difference for citizens in Georgia and across the nation”.
Dozens of campaign supporters came to hear Nunn speak during the event, which served as an intensive volunteer training to build upon Nunn's grassroots momentum. Nunn held similar events over the weekend in Statesboro and Macon.
Earlier in the day, Nunn visited UGA's Carl Vinson Institute of Government where she learned about the ways the Institute is helping local governments work more efficiently.
In Athens, Nunn unveiled five ideas to restore Georgian’s trust in Washington:
1) Lifetime Ban On Members of Congress Becoming Lobbyists

In one of her first actions as a Senator, Michelle will introduce a lifetime ban on members of both the House and Senate from ever becoming registered lobbyists. She pledges to never become a lobbyist herself whether or not her proposal becomes law. Folks should serve in Congress to help move our country forward – not to gain personally by peddling their influence as a lobbyist afterwards.
2) No Budget, No Pay

Michelle believes that if Congress can’t do its job and pass a budget, it shouldn’t get paid. And neither should the President. Passing an annual budget should be a minimum expectation of our Congress and President. Georgians don’t get a paycheck for work they don’t do. Why should Congress and the president be treated differently? We should create a new normal in Congress that demands that our lawmakers conduct the ordinary business of setting an annual budget and keeping government running.
3) Get A Price Tag For Every Bill

Georgians don’t buy anything without knowing its price. Members of Congress shouldn’t introduce bills without knowing how much they’ll cost taxpayers. In her first year in the Senate, Michelle will propose legislation requiring that every bill introduced include a price tag so taxpayers know how much each proposal will cost them.
4) End Secret, Unlimited Special Interest Spending In Elections

The unlimited, secret spending by unknown special interests in elections drowns out ordinary voters. That’s why Michelle would support an amendment to overturn the Supreme Court’s decision that allows a few special interest billionaires to secretly spend millions to sway an election.  Michelle would also support measures like the DISCLOSE ACT, which would require any organization that spends during elections to disclose where it gets its funding.
5) Pledge To Meet With Every Senator In First Year and Bring Legislators Together

Georgians can see how both sides in Congress refuse to work together.  Senators in each party rarely have the opportunity to meet with each other. In the Senate, Michelle will work to bring both sides together by meeting one-on-one with every Senator during her first year. And she will call on the leadership of both parties to hold regular bipartisan lunches for all the senators to build trust and find common ground.


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