Co-Sign Michelle's Letter

The Peach State Pledge

July 9, 2014

Dear Congressman Kingston and Mr. Perdue,

I write today to ask you to agree to a Peach State Pledge — a pledge to refuse spending by outside groups in Georgia’s U.S. Senate Race.

In many cases, these groups will never be forced to disclose who is backing them — preventing Georgians from seeing who is trying to influence our election.  And unlike television advertisements from each of our campaigns — where by virtue of a clear disclaimer voters know who to hold accountable for the message — that is not the case with third party advertisements.

I believe we have an opportunity to send a message to Washington.  If we can join together and pledge to limit outside spending and third party ads, we can together show that the people of our state are tired of politics as usual.  That message isn’t exclusively a Democratic message or a Republican message, it’s just common sense.

I urge you to seriously consider this offer and have representatives of our respective campaigns meet in the coming days to work on a formal agreement ahead of the General Election.


Michelle Nunn

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